Who and What are We?

"Innovate Your Way Out” is an initiative trying to embed the foundations of innovation and business creation to Albanian youth, spread the main principles among them, and foster it for a long term growth.
This initiative operationalizes innovation based on a theoretical methodology described in the book “Inside Real Innovation” by: Andreas Wankerl, Carl J. Schramm, and Eugene Fitzgerald. The methodology focuses innovation approach on three main pillars: Market - Implementation - Technology. Throughout the incubating period students build each construct and combine the all elements with the overall innovative idea in mind.
In the Albanian ecosystem this is the first attempt to embed and diffuse innovation and start-up culture among youth. It is based on a carefully designed and academically based methodology. It intertwines university - business - innovation through a three month period of structured incubating phase. Students of different backgrounds and with enough business and IT knowledge accumulated, divide in small groups and form their start-up. During this time they are mentored and instructed from their inception phase to ready to market phase.

The last phase is the one where all groups pitch their ideas in front of a large audience and of a five to seven people committee. The best three ideas are honored with certificates and with modest prices.


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