Start-up on Innovation 2017

June 2017

Me datë 02.06.2017, u zhvillua kompeticioni i 4-tërt i Inovacionit, “Innovate Your Way Out”, në Tirana International Hotel. Në kompeticion u vlerësuan 10 projektet më të mira të studentëve të FEUT. Paneli vlerësues përbehej nga personalitete të shquara në fushën akademike, biznesit dhe instuticioneve publike.


Start-up on Innovation 2016

May 2016

This year the innovation competition was organized with “Innovate your way Out” topic. There were 6 groups from Business Administration and 7 groups from Informatics. Except the participants, there were many professors and students from other faculties which were in the room to listen to the innovative ideas.


Start-up on Innovation 2015

May 2015

The Creative Spark was the main topic in which the 2015 innovation competition was held. Increased student participation an interest in this competition and desire to challenge themselves in front of professors and other students, also increased the number of innovative ideas and made the evaluation process more difficult.


Start-up on Innovation 2014

May 2014

For the first time, this year in the Faculty of Economics was held the Innovation competition. During the fall semester students of Management and Informatics held Innovation Subject. They work in team groups and develop their innovative ideas with all the elements of a business plan.


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