Start up innovation 2014

"For the first time, this year in the Faculty of Economics was held the Innovation competition. During the fall semester students of Management and Informatics held Innovation Subject. They work in team groups and develop their innovative ideas with all the elements of a business plan. This competition aims that all the students at the end of the semester to be able to write a full business plan for their ideas. Teams compete with a business plan and innovative idea with all university students. At the end were in total 11 teams from Management and Informatics classes that compete with each other for the first place. There were five Management and Innovation professors in evaluation panel, Rezart Prifti, Gentjan Shaqiri, Doloreza Sinani, Ada Bici, Xheni Rusi. After all the presentations, were presented three Awards, third place was won from Smarker, this smart marker was created to be marker and project remote control in one, so it will help the professors during the lessons. Second place was won from T2R an multifunctional marker. The winners were three students from the Management class. Their idea was to create a deckchair with a mini solar panel named Sunny, when people can charge their cellphone while they relax by the sea. This idea takes advantage of a real market demand - the need for cellphone charge near the sea and solves it by implementing mini solar panel in deckchair."