Start up innovation 2016

"This year the innovation competition was organized with “Innovate your way Out” topic. There were 6 groups from Business Administration and 7 groups from Informatics. Except the participants, there were many professors and students from other faculties which were in the room to listen to the innovative ideas. This year's novelty was that part of the evaluation panel were two representatives of private business, except this the majority of students had created the prototype for their idea. In the final activity, there were, Ada Bici, Xheni Rusi, Marinela Jozaj, Shyqyri Llaci, Martin Serreqi, Rezart Prifti, part of evaluation panel“Salla C101”, won the third place, this idea consists in the creation of a virtual auditorium, which will serve as the place when mentors and students will meet. The mobile application “In Tirana”, won the second place, this mobile application is developed to give information concerning, activities and events that happen in the city. “E-wallet” won the first place, this idea consists in the creation of an application in which individuals can lend cash to someone and this one can transfer money in the bank, against an interest rate. Besides the three Awards, this year the evaluation panel presented another Award, “Encouraging Price”, this goes to “My Food Box”, an idea from three girls which consist in the creation of food boxes in a supermarket when people can separate foods in a different package."